Our goal

    The Student Plus Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organization founded in 1999. Our goal is to provide educational services, personal growth opportunities and community outreach programs while offering an essential spiritual plus.


    We exist to provide quality education and an essential spiritual plus !

    • Integrity 
    • Respect for individual and community
    • Excellence and professionalism
    • Transparency and responsibility towards society and God.

    Latest news from our projects

    Memory Against Inhumanity: people with mental disorders under totalitarian regimes in Europe


    MAI+ will promote a shared and intercultural reflection on what happened to people with mental illness during totalitarianisms in EU, addressing European citizens that nowadays witness other forms of denial of human rights or risk to repeat the same loss of humanitas experienced in the past. MAI+ in...


    iDebate: I debate, therefore I learn 2017-2019


    The problem which this project seeks to address is the small participation rate of young people in the democratic process.The Flash Eurobarometer Survey2013, by the European Commission: ”European Youth: Participation in Democratic Life” showed that for respondents aged 15 to 30, where voting is concerned,...


    KA3 – Dialog structurat | MEP for One Day: Support structures for involving youth in the legislative process 2017-2019


    Context In contextul unui deficit democratic la nivelul intregii Uniuni Europene si al pericolului reprezentat miscarile extremiste si euro-sceptice, problema educarii tinerilor in spiritul democratiei participative, al respectului fata de valorile europene si crearea contextului pentru implicarea lor...


    Impreuna pentru comunitate! Dezvoltarea de competente specifice pentru tinerii voluntari in tabere


    In perioada iulie-octombrie 2017, Federatia YMCA Romania impreuna cu partenerii Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare, Fundatia Student Plus Timisoara si Asociatia Young Initiative implementeaza proiectul ”Impreuna pentru comunitate! Dezvoltarea de competente specifice pentru tinerii voluntari in tabere” care...