logo-manipuraMULTI-CULTI LIFE SKILLS LAB project was developed for young people with fewer opportunities that are facing difficult psycho-social situations, poverty, social exclusion, special needs and unemployment. Our aim was to work on the competences that will help young people in the process of inclusion into the society and on the labor market. The short term EVS activities were one part of a longer learning process that will provide long lasting effects. We wanted to enhance the personality development of young people through the empowerment based on non-formal learning and positive experiences, we tried to make their self esteem better, to develop more efficient coping strategies and to get over their prejudices.

Slovene NGO Zavod Manipura sent 2 Slovenian volunteers on short term EVS to the Wildlife Rescue Centre VOC Ostend in Belgium, 1 volunteer to the organization Youth in Free Initiative in Kukes, Albania and 6 volunteers to the organization Falcogroup in Russia. The hosting activities took place in »Vila Čira Čara«, children and youth center of Zavod Manipura in Slovenia. Zavod Manipura hosted 43 volunteers from Italy, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, France, Estonia, Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Armenia and Finland.

Student Plus from Timisoara, Romania, sent 2 volunteers with fewer opportunities for 2-month EVS projects, in the period January-March 2018.

The volunteers had an opportunity to join a wide spectrum of activities: they helped with the renovation of the house, renovated old furniture, worked in the ecological garden and orchard, took care of domestic animals, built a sandbox, a wooden cottage, a camp-fireplace. Next to the practical work they helped to organize free-time activities for local children and youth like creative workshops, sport activities, games. They did a lot of work for the local community like spending time with the disabled people, they prepared games for the children in the local kindergarten, presentations of different countries in the local primary schools and they helped to organize a few cultural festivals. There was an ongoing intense intercultural learning process because volunteers from 3 or more different countries lived and worked together.

Coordinating organisation: Zavod Manipura, Slovenia

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