Europe Direct Timisoara

As the first point of access to the EU for citizens, the Europe Direct Information Center Timisoara provides information, advice, assistance and answers to questions about the EU, particularly on the rights of EU citizens, EU priorities and general annual legislation, policies, programs and funding its opportunities.

The center also stimulates debate issues of concern to EU citizens by organizing conferences and events in the region served – Timis and Caras-Severin, and channels responses by EU citizens.

The Europe Direct network is one of the main tools used by the European Commission for informing citizens and communicating with them locally. The network comprises 500+ Europe Direct Information Centres, 400 European Documentation Centres and 700 members of Team Europe.

Romania has 31 Europe Direct Information Centres, 14 European Documentation Centres and over 20 policy experts European Commission Team Europe, serving as interface between the EU institutions and citizens at local level.  These networks provide general and specialized information on EU topics, they raise public awareness and promote the dialogue on European issues.

Please participate in the survey of satisfaction with services provided by Europe Direct Information Centre in Timisoara. Your answers will enable us to improve the services we offer Europe Direct information centers.

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