Seniors Academy

seniors_academy_tile“We’re never too old to learn !”

Foreign language learning and the digital competencies are requirements for the modern European citizen. By facilitating the access of the senior citizens to these courses, we aim at helping them gain intellectual knowledge as well as creating opportunities for social interaction, reaffirming their important role in our society and need for recognition.

The Seniors Academy is a social-educational project undertaken by Student Plus Foundation that consists of foreign language and culture and computer courses for retirees. By participating in these courses, the seniors of Timisoara have the opportunity to socialize and communicate in the English language, under the guidance of Roman and native speakers of English. Since September 2008, over 700 senior students were enrolled in the English language classes. Enrollment for these series can be made permanently at the Foundation Student Plus or online on our site, Each series of classes end with a social event.
The participation in the current series of courses is conditioned upon registration at the Foundation and payment of a registration fee. All other costs are supported by the Student Plus Foundation and sponsors.

Foreign languages courses Computers courses
  • English – elementary, intermediate, advanced levels
  • German – elementary level
  • French – elementary level
  • Spanish – elementar level
  • Italian – elementary level
  • beginner level
  • intermediate level
  • advanced level
Programme of foreign languages courses Computers courses programme
I: 15 September – 15 December
II: 3 March – 15 June
Computers classes run permanently.


ASWe receive applications for the new series of classes at the Student Plus office, address B-dul Take Ionescu 40, Timisoara, and on-line applications by filling the Application Form below.

Tens of retired citizens of Timisoara, instead of watching TV series, knitting or playing checkers in the park, have decided to study Shakespeare’s language. Not frightened to face the new, armed with patience and enthusiasm, the seniors are learning English. Their reasons for starting to learn again are various. After the first spellings, they realize that this is not an easy task. Despite this, with will and perseverance, they succeed in making progress. One module lasts 2 months and, at the end, the seniors hope to have the basic knowledge.The offer of language courses has been extended to French, German and Spanish and, since June 2010, the seniors can also acquire digital competences.The registration fee: 80 lei for the language courses and 100 lei for the computer courses.

Registration form for the Seniors Academy