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cvt“A civilization flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit.”

(greek proverb)

Volunteering – between personal choice and social responsibility

Being a volunteer is firstly an attitude. The volunteer is that person who wants to invest his time into making an idea or a dream come true, he wishes to do good without expecting any material reward, he’s not indiferent, on the contrary he takes action and gets involved in changing his world for the better.

Since the creation of the Volunteer Center in Timisoara in 2010 we are working anually with tens of volunteers both in a local and international context.

From our experience we have learned that a healthy society is one where people are involved in the development of their community and offer their help where it’s needed. For this pourpose we try to offer to those interested significant activities which contribute to their personal development as well as having an impact in the community.

Local : In our organization, young people in particular, can get involved as volunteers in activities like organizing events, teaching lanaguage and computer classes for seniors (Seniors Academy), editing articles online, translations, promoting volunteering in social media and getting involved in current projects (see the Projects page).

Echipa-Student-Plus-Timisoara (2)International : We also offer to our volunteers the oportunity to take part in international mobilities such as the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and training sessions on different topics through non-formal education. For more information we invite you to visit the Volunteering Center’s website.

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