Equal Opportunities 2009-2010


Student Plus Foundation is implementing in the period November 2009 – August 2010 the project “Equal Opportunities”, in concordance with the objectives of the European Year of creativity and innovation. The project is supported by the European Commission through the Youth in Action Programme.

“Equal Opportunities” has as main objectives: the social integration of 17 disadvantaged young people from Onesimus Brothers House in Timisoara by developing communication skills in foreign languages, competent IT and interpersonal and civic competencies, as well as personal the development of 10 young volunteers through volunteering activities.
The project “Equal Opportunities” brings together young people from different backgrounds giving them the opportunity to make concrete steps of actively participating in the community by being part of the support group of the disadvantaged youth.
Because among the Romanian youth there is an acute need for personal development and active involvement in the community life in order to become responsible citizens, Student Plus Foundation invites you to join our team in supporting these young people.

The general objectives of the Youth in Action Programme:

  • To promote active citizenship of young people in general and their European citizenship in particular;
  • To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, particularly to strengthen social cohesion in the European Union;
  • To cultivate mutual understanding between young people from different countries;
  • To contribute to the development of quality support systems for youth activities and capacities of civil society organizations in youth;
  • To promote European cooperation in youth.

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