Youth Media Project 2010-2011


“Tinerii deschid noi frontiere” („Young people open up new frontiers”is a Youth in Action project of ABC (The Association of Christian Men) in collaboration with ABC Media  and Student Plus. The project „Young people open up new frontiers” should be seen as an example of collaboration between young people from various ethnic backgrounds in Timisoara, working together on a media campaign in order to promote a unified message about the realities with which young people of Romania are confronted, based on the principle that you can not solve a problem that you can not define. This project represents the initiative of young people who have participated in a previous project „Celebrating Cultural Diversity” and who have identified the need of acceptance, intercultural communication, social inclusion, as well as enhanced cooperation between youth with different ethnic backgrounds in the city of Timisoara, by using the audiovisual.


The main objectives of this project were:
• to provide opportunities for young people from various ethnic backgrounds to become aware of their culture and values;
• to practice leadership;
• to practice cooperation with others;
• to find a personal message to tell others;
• to learn the video basics;
• to participate in the pre-production, filming and post-production of a small audiovisual project;
• gain relevant experience in the area of audiovisual by teaching peers;
• to establish a Youth Media Center in Timisoara.

During the project, the 40 participants have worked with ABC Media and Business Plus media professionals, and were involved in seminars on multiculturality and media/ICT, and a media campaign. The project lasted 9 months and the methods which were used in the non-formal and informal learning process  included: learning by doing, brainstorming activities, workshops, presentations, discussions, visits to the site.

The results of the project include:
– the creation of the short-movie „The Future in Pink Colors” (Viitorul in roz) and the online campaign initiated by the young people from various ethnic backgrounds, with the purpose of raising awareness on the importance of media making, educating young people in media and giving messages from young people addressing their problems.
– the setup of a new media center for youth, which will continue to offer media trainings and coaching to young people.
– the participants, with the support and coaching offered by media professionals learned and practiced self-expression by the means of audio-visual, while creating results out of responsibility.

Stages of the project:
1. Preparation– 15-31 iulie 2010
2. Promotion and selection of participants – august 2010
3. Sessions and workshops – septembrie, octombrie 2010
4. Production – noiembrie – decembrie 2010
5. Campaign – ianuarie-februarie 2011
6. Youth Media Center Launching Event – 31 martie 2011

Media and Interculturality Sessions
Friday – 17 septembrie 2010 – 17.00
Friday – 8 octombrie 2010 – 17.00
Saturday – 9 octombrie 2010 – 11.00
Friday- 22 octombrie 2010 – 17.00
Saturday – 23 octombrie – 11.00
Saturday – 30 octombrie – 11.00

The Youth Media Training Center is expecting your continuos involvement. Fill in the registration form Registration Form and attach a media product made by you. Success!

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