KA3 – Structured Dialog | MEP for One Day: Support structures for involving youth in the legislative process 2017-2019

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Project description

The document is available here: PROJECT DESCRIPTION ”MEP for 1 Day” (RO)


In the context of a democratic deficit across the European Union and the danger represented by extremist and Euro-skeptic movements, the issue of educating young people in the spirit of participatory democracy, respect for European values and creating the context for their involvement in the democratic process is essential and urgent. As President Barroso stated in his speech on the State of the Union, “the time of the implicit citizens’ agreement has passed” and the European institutions must promote and engage in an open dialogue with all citizens of the Union. An important aspect of the relationship between citizens and European and national institutions is the legitimacy of institutional communication, closely linked to the existence of an active and strong public sphere at European level.

Compared to other age categories, but also to the desirable level, the young generation has a low rate of participation in the democratic process both at European and national level. According to the “European Youth: Participation in Democratic Life” before the last European elections, most respondents (15-30 years) would never consider a political candidacy in any election, and the main reason not to vote is the belief that they do not I can change anything. At the same time, the participation of young people in the activities of various organizations leads to an increase of their interest in politics and elections.

During the last parliamentary elections held in Romania in 2016, young people aged 18-24 had the lowest participation rate, 29%, followed closely by the following age category, 25-34 years. Participation at the level of the entire population was also a low, 39.4%, the penultimate in the history of the parliamentary elections in Romania.


1. Increasing the awareness and civic participation of some 200 young people involved in the project activities, both nationally and locally;
2. Establishment of a support network for youth involvement, consisting of civil society organizations from various fields, public authorities and elected representatives, to ensure continuity of dialogue between young people and society at all levels.

The main activities of the project

  • Four “One Day MEP” events, with the main activities simulating the European Parliament and dialogue between young people and authorities, will be organized in Timisoara, Bucharest, Baia Mare and Odorheiu Secuiesc;
  • Create a local / national network of institutions and elected representatives that support the participation of young people in the democratic process;
  • Create an online portal (e-portal) – tool for e-youth participation that provides space for dialogue between young people and authorities and resources for citizens and institutions / organizations interested in promoting and sustaining this process;
  • Conduct an online consultation – at least 1,000 young respondents – on measures to stimulate and involve young people in decision-making at local, national, European level;
  • Elaborate the White Paper on Young People’s Civic Participation

Implementation period

1 September 2017 – 30 April 2019

Sponsor and grant amount

European Union through Erasmus +, Key Action 3 Structured Dialogue.

The total amount of the grant is EUR 41,712.

Project partners

Fundatia Student Plus, Federatia YMCA Romania, Asociatia Young Initiative, Forumul Tanar din Odorhei, Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare, Asociatia YMCA Cavnic.

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union